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DESSA: photos of exhibitions

2017 Piranesi Award: Chapel Salgenreute Krumbach, Austria, 2016, architect Bernardo Bader, photo Adolf Bereuter

Final event of 35th PDA conference was solemn ceremony of confering 2017 Piranesi Award. Honorable speech was by acad. Boštjan Žekš, phd, who conferred the awards together with Barbara Radovan, general director of Spatial planning, Construction and Housing Directorate at Ministry of Enviroment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia. Opening speech was by Slovene national selector Luka Skansi.


Piran, 17 November 2017
Piranesi Award is conferred since 1989, this year for the 29th time in a row. The international jury for the 29th Piranesi awards met on 17 November 2017 in Monfort Exhibition hall. Members of the jury, traditionally composed of every year Piran lecturers, were:
Sami Rintala, president of the jury
Emilio Caravatti
Hans Gangoly
Irene Kristiner
Jaume Mayol
Irene Pérez
Robert Potokar
Branko Silađin
Manuel Aires Mateus
The jury was led by Anže Koren, Eva Mavsar, Spela Kuhar, Majda Božeglav-Japelj and Tatjana Sirk. New glass sculpture for Piranesi Award is designed by young Slovene architect Ajda Racman who won 1st prize at student tender, organized in 2017 by Dessa Gallery and Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. The sculpture was made in famous Steklarna Rogaška.
Each winner also receives design product of well-known Slovenian designer Niko Kralj, donated by our sponsor Rex Kralj.
59 projects were exposed at Piranesi exhibition 2016. 35 architectural projects were nominated by national selectors from 8 European countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia. 24 students’ projects were nominated by students’ selectors from 12 European Faculties of Architecture from Graz, Vienna, Spittal, Split, Zagreb, Pescara, Trieste, Budapest, Ljubljana, Maribor, Thessaloniki and AA London. The criteria of selection for the Piranesi exhibition were:
Considered setting in an urban or natural space
Spatial and design accordance with the context
Contemporary innovative spatial plan and layout
Respectful approach to the natural and cultural heritage
Contemporary understanding of traditional and autochthonous architectural elements
Innovative details
Considered use of color, materials, texture and light
After considering all the projects, jury decided that awards go to:
International 2017 Piranesi Award goes to:
Chapel Salgenreute Krumbach
Architects: Bernardo Bader Architekten
Realization: July 2015 - April 2016
There seems to be a special atmosphere and silence around this project. The winning proposal is combination of architecture, successful cooperation with local craftsmanship and understanding of wood as a material. Everything is serving for the purpose of perfection of both shape and space, without forgetting conceptual aspects of spirituality, nature, light.

International 2017 Piranesi Honorable Mention
Kindergarten Niederolang, Olang/Italy
Architects: Feld72 Architekten
Collaborators: Marino Fei, Carl Friederich, David Kovařik, Therese Leick, Gerhard Mair, Edoardo Nobili
Realization: 2016
The house creates protective arm around the children. It uses outer space as an extension of architecture very successfully. The jury also appreciated how the project was scaled to meet urban context.

International 2017 Piranesi Honorable Mention
New social house in Caltron
Architects: Mirko Franzoso Architects
Realization: 2014/2015
The project is positioned very beautifully in the landscape. It is good example of successful use of wood in contemporary architecture. The jury especially liked the exposed wooden structures and the organization of plans and facades.

International 2017 Piranesi Student Honorable Mention
Floating Pool Parasite, Rijeka, Croatia, 2017
Students: Robert Barbir, Nika Bralić, Ivana Brzović, Ivan Bulian
Mentors: Prof. Mateo Biluš, doc. Vedran Duplančić, doc. Zorana Protić, Faculty of architetecture and urban planning Zagreb
The jury was positive about this project aimed to solve local European urban problems with an optimistic look in the future. The project uses industrial elements in a postindustrial landscape like a tool to transform human environment. This is applauded by the jury.


Short list_ 5 projects from architects:
Hunting lodge, Kuchyň, Slovakia
Architects: Tomáš Auxt, Peter Kožuško, Miro Hrušovský, Peter Hudač, Michal Zábranský
Office: Pantograph
Realization: 2016
Renovation of the Vrlovčnik homstead in Matkov kot
Architects: Rok Žnidaršič, Jerneja Fischer Knap, Žiga Ravnikar
Office: Medprostor d.o.o.
Collaborators: Mojca Gabrič, Samo Mlakar, Martin Kruh, Gregor Bucik, Mohor Kordež, Jerica Polončič
Realization: 2017
Six houses in the barn
Architects: Gino Guarnieri-Roberto Mascazzini
Office: Studio Roberto Mascazzini architetto I Gino Guarnieri architetto
Realization: 2015
Oberholz Mountain hut
Architects: Peter Pichler architecture in collaboration with arch. Pavol Mikolajcak
Office: Peter Pichler architecture
Collaborators: Gian Luigi D’Alosio, Simona Alu, Giovanni Paterlini, Matteo Savoia, Silvana Ordinas, Krzysztof Zinger and Jens Kellner
Realization: 2016
Sägerbrücke, Dornbirn, Austria
Architects: DI Hugo Dworzak
Office: Architekturverkstatt Dworzak-Grapher
Collaborators: Julia Kick, DI Angela Amann
Realization: 2016


Shortlist_ 5 student projects:
Time box - exhibition pavillions Călugăreni archeological site, Transylvania, Romania
Student: Gergely Sági
Mentor: Zsolt Vasáros DLA, Budapest university of technology and economics, Faculty of Architecture, dept. of industrial and agricultural building design
Amasiko halfway house, Kabale, Uganda, Home and learning centre for street childeren
Student: Anže Briški, Luka Derling, Nastja Fingušt, Tina Hostinger, Eva Ivačič, Alessandro De Ioannon, Laura Klenovšek, Mojca Lebeničnik, Ženja Maher, Mojca Mlinar, Rok Primažič, Polona Lona Pušnik, Gaber Robežnik, Giulia Skro, Vesna Skubic, Nace Šinkovec, Matic Škarabot, Andrej Štornik, Janja Šušnjar, Jure Ule, Aleš Žmavc, Arne Žigon, Anja Lipovšek
Mentor: Assoc. prof Anja Planišček, prof. dr. Aleš Vodopivec, assist. prof. dr. Tomaž Slak, assist. Gašper Medvešek, consultant Angelo Žigon, u.d.i.o., Tech. Assist. Katja Martinčič, Klara Bohinc, Primož Pavčič
School: Faculty of Architecture, UL; Faculty of Civil and geodetic engineering, UL; in collaboration with NGO Alongside Africa Foundation, UK
University incubator in Zagreb
Student: Luka Krstulović
Mentor: Petar Mišković
School: Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb
Room+/Serial-individual II
Vienna University of Technology
Student: Daniel Trimmel
Mentor: Ines Nizic, Senior Scientist DIPL.-ing. Dr.techn.
School: Innstitute for Structural Engineering, Professorship Staufer & Hasler
Pavilion for the patients of the Pallietive Care Unit of Klagenfurt
Student: DI Daniela Panoska
Mentors: Arch. DI Dr. Peter Nigst, DI Elias Molitschnig
Collaborator: DI Michael Pallel
Client: Klinikum Klagenfurt
School: Fachhochschule Kärenten, Spittal an der Drau

18. 11. 2017

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